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Belt Friction Test Machine

The COF4X-2000 is a unique universal test stand designed to accurately characterize poly-v ribbed and flat belts for their coefficient of friction, noise, and various other properties. The COF4x-2000 complies with SAE standard J2432.

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The COF4X-2000 is a fourth generation product that was originally developed in conjunction with automotive OEMs and Belt Manufacturers to characterize accessory drive belts for coefficient of friction. The latest generation boasts a smaller footprint and increased versatility with regards to lengths of belt and available amount of force.  The stand is capable of testing both the frontside (ribbed) and backside (flat) of accessory belts under dynamic conditions. Other stands test small sections of belts in a static state.

The COF4X-2000 is universally configurable for:
  • Frontside or Backside Tests
  • Wet or Dry Tests
  • Belt lengths of 800 - 3000mm
  • Belt widths of 3K -  8K
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Test Parameters 

Tested Pulley Speed: 0-1800rpm
Torque Load: 195Nm (fixed or Variable)
Belt Wrap Angle: 0 - 200 (fixed or variable)
Belt Tension:
180 Nm (static)








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Output Type and Interface 
Reaction Torque  Via in-line torque transducer
Drive Pulley Speed  Via speed sensor
Tested Pulley Speed  Via speed sensor
Idler Pulley Speed  Via speed sensor
Belt Wrap Angle  Via servo motor encoder
Belt Temperature  Via IR Sensor
Coefficient of Friction  Calculated
Slip  Calculated
Power  Calculated

Sample Software Output


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The software controls for the COF4X-2000 are developed using Labview from National Instruments The software is customized to provide a 'dashboard' look and feel allowing the operator to view inputs and outputs at a glance. Virtual gages reflect the status of all commands and devices for various tests.


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